The Mighty Flick serves it up:

Pre-heat dance floor to a cozy temperature. In a large bowl, combine a generous mix of classic rock and roll and eighties dance hits, sprinkle with modern alternative rock, add a dash of country swing, and top with some Gen-X pop inspiration. Blend on high until the vibe is exciting and the groove is irresistible, then bake until the songs are tight and punchy. Turn down the lights, serve with cocktails and dancing shoes, and you have a great evening of live music and entertainment! Serves as many as you please...

Flick is a three-piece, high-energy dance band whose members are familiar faces of the Montana music scene. Performing throughout Montana venues since the late eighties/early nineties, their enthusiasm and love for music is contagious, sometimes inspirational, and always entertaining.

Flick performances are ideal for weekend bar gigs, special community events, and corporate parties. Are you ready for the Mighty Flick? Give ‘em a call for booking information: (406) 570-8109.


The Mighty Flick specializes in great 80's dance music. Flick recently played an all-80's show in Bozeman,
and the crowd showed up in full gear: big hair, jelly shoes, leg warmers and B.U.M. shirts!


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Big SkyCJesse, Brij and Stacy will be performing at a private party in Big Sky December 15.

For booking information and availability, please contact
Stacy Olson at (406) 570-8109.